Why should I use a design service?

Having someone else do it for you gives you more time to focus on other matters. You do not have to worry about sourcing the right ‘font’ or ‘element’ for your design or stress when objects ‘move’ and are not ‘lining up’!

I provide one-to one communication and personal attention to your requirements. My flexible contact hours (up to 10.00pm and on weekends**) enables clients to contact me outside of their normal working times.

**Please note: If I am away from home for any length of time, information will be located on this website

I can purchase templates off the internet. What is different about yours?

The difference is that every aspect of the design is individually tailored for you. If you have a clear idea on how you would like your stationery to look, I start with a blank page. Alternatively, if you like the concept of one of the designs showcased on this website, they can be modified to your specifications; change colour, change style of font, have as many photos as you like, change background and more. No two will look exactly the same!

If you decide to purchase a template – that’s great! This works for many people. I would like to point out the differences between them so you do not end up with something you cannot use.   **see below

Advertised as ‘Personalised or Custom’ – usually Word or Publisher file. Can only change text and photos (one, maybe two in layout). Cannot change colour of elements or background (theme)  –   it is a ‘locked’ file.

Advertised as ‘Fully Editable or Customisable’ – designs require a specialised program such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, which many people do not have or do not know how to use. Some elements of design are still ‘locked’.

In what format do you require the information to be and how to do submit it?

Email is the quickest way.  Wording can either be included in your email or in an attached ‘Word’ document. Photos are to be scanned at least 300 dpi resolution and as a .jpeg (photo). Photos as a .pdf will reduce the quality of the photo.

If we have has personal ‘meet and greet’, I will action any photos you have given me.

How long do you need?

This depends on the type, design and style of stationery.

Memorandum: Designing starts as soon as I begin to receive information, (sooner the better). All content is to be submitted no less than five days before your stationery is required. For example, for stationery required on a Friday, Sunday is the last day. It also depends on the style. This provides time for finishing initial design concept, forwarding proof for approval, changes and/or additions, printing and delivery.

Wedding/Other: (coming soon) Initial contact to be made at least three months before you require for mailing. This gives us time for discussions on the type and style of invitation required. Some wedding invitations will take longer to produce than others.

How will I receive my order?

Memorandum stationery will be delivered to the McKenzie’s Family Funerals in Merredin, the evening before or the morning of the day items are required.

Wedding/other stationery can be hand delivered in Merredin or posted at the clients expense.