For those who don’t know me… a little bit of background

I moved to Merredin in 1986, and depending on you you ask, might mean I’m now a local. From then ’till now I worked in one of the local banks for eight years; married a local farmer and raised two beautiful children and worked for the Education Department in different roles for the last thirteen years. Also, there was sport – the social hub of any country community – and all the ‘other roles’ associated with this.
I did not end up going to University to obtain a degree in Graphic Design, and I not claim to be a ‘Graphic Designer’. My only degree is ‘Life Experiences’. I have always been a creative person – all the usual ‘artsy’ things, and quite possibly have the affliction of ‘Design OCD’ (much to the amusement of family and co-workers). The longest project I worked on (six years until my resignation from permament employment) is designing/co-designing the Merredin College Yearbook – The Combined Harvest.

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I have created funeral service booklets for family and friends as well as conversing with Perth based funeral directors and printing companies. To be blunt – it is hard! It was frustrating having only ‘set’ templates you could choose from and not being able include special photos or add verses; and even with experience in design programs, it is emotionally and physically draining with the loss of your own loved one. 


So, the idea to offer a custom and affordable stationery service for the Merredin and surrounding communities grew; to provide a utility that initially was specific to the funeral service industry and later, bespoke stationery for weddings and special events – something that the Wheatbelt area does not have easy access to.