Variable from $4.50

Service booklets provide eight pages (cover and one insert page) for a detailed guidance of the memorial service, with plenty of space for text and those cherished photographs.

Covers can be made from 250gsm white digital silk paper, white or pearlescent card (250gsm/300gsm). As a toner printer is used, covers printed on paper or white card are trimmed for ‘edge to edge’ full colour. Not recommended for pearlescent card to have  full colour coverage – approx 20cm x 14cm when folded.

Inside pages are printed on white digital silk paper (160gsm or 200gsm) or pearlescent paper (120gsm) and trimmed, so they will not show outside the cover when booklet is closed. Additional pages can be added. Coloured staples (other than silver) are also available.

Due to the increased volume of information (and ensuring the quality of the design layout and finished product), service booklets take longer to  produce. Pricing will vary subject to materials used, amount required and time frame available.